oceanloop innovation

Paradigm shift

When vertebrates first made the move to land, it was a decisive step in the history of life, because since then, life hasn't left the continents. Technological evolution is now following a biological evolution. This time it's not the seafish, who are moving to land - it's the ocean itself. Continue


For the first time the oceanloop allows the inland production of seafish without access to natural seawater. The specially produced seawater is continuously circulated and recycled. The water loss and the impact on the environment are minimal. Continue

Product diversity

One of the considerable advantages of the oceanloop is the possibility of producing seafish and other marine species independent of their natural distribution. This unique selling point offers the opportunity of distinctly setting yourself apart from the competition in farming marine species. Continue

Material cycles

The oceanloop enables comprehensive water but also nutrient recycling. Particulate and dissolved waste excreted by the fish is removed and concentrated by the water treatment unit. Remaining nutrients can be used efficiently in subsequent process steps. Continue