Product diversity

A significant advantage of the oceanloop is the possibility of producing fish species independent of their natural distribution area.

This advantage is a unique selling point in comparison to open water aquaculture systems. They are dependent on geographical and climatic condition of their respective locations. In Europe the production of tropical species is therefore only possible in recirculating aquaculture systems. Considering the discussion about carbon footprint, particularly for air-shipping of fresh fish, and the fact that low-cost waste heat is available at many locations, tropical exotic species offer a promising future potential. Therefore, the introduction of new species is in the focus of our research and development. At the moment the following fish genera have a good future potential: Grouper (Epinephelus), Snapper (Lutjanus), Cobia (Rachycentrum), Barramundi (Lates) and Kingfish (Seriola).

Furthermore, the oceanloop offers the possibility to produce up to four different fish species, as it consists of four independent recirculating aquaculture systems. The diversification of the product portfolio minimizes the economic risk and increases the acceptance of the market.