The neomar GmbH is a spin-off from the Sander Holding, one of the leading companies for the development and construction of water treatment units for marine land-based recirculating systems worldwide and has 50 years of experience in this area. The systems reach volumes up to several thousand cubic meters which are operated inland without access to natural seawater.

Marine aquariums by Sander

Many public and private aquariums use components, expertise and concepts of Sander which have stand the test of time since 1972 with the construction of the first marine recirculating system in an aquarium in North Germany. Sander has played an active role in shaping marine aquariums, for instance in Berlin, Oberhausen, Hannover, Constance, Warsaw, Porto, Lake Garda, Bergen or Moscow. These systems are operated with artificial seawater and a very low water exchange. Exchange rates of 1% of the system volume per day are now the standard.


Some of our customers:

Merlin Entertainments (SEA LIFE)
Aquarium Hagenbeck
Aquarium Kiel
Zoo Aquarium Berlin
IFM-Geomar-Uni Kiel
Multimar Wattforum
Zoo Wien
Zoo Leipzig
Meerwasseraquarium Osterholz
Meeresaquarium Zella-Mehlis
Oceanário Lissabon
Aquarium Oldenburg
Sylt Aquarium Westerland
Inatura Dornbirn
Zoo Antwerpen
Ocean Park Valencia
Haus der Natur Salzburg
Cité de la Mer Cherbourg
Aquarium Genua
Seehundstation Friedrichskoog e.V.
Tropicarium Kolmården

neomar research and development

The expertise of Sander was utilized in cooperation with scientific institutions to develop the innovative oceanloop concept: land-based, marine recirculating systems which can be operated inland without access to natural seawater.

The feasibility of this technology has been proven by several research and demonstration systems. The production system PISA, funded  by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), has been operated for 7 years under scientific supervision in Uetze/Eltze (Hannover region) and has delivered significant findings for the inland production of seafish.

FRESH Völklingen

Since 2013 a marine fishfarm operates on a previous coking plant site in Völklingen-Fürstenhausen. Today the farm is operated by the FRESH Völklingen GmbH. There the technology is used for the first time in a large-scale commercial farm for the land-based production of seafish. The farm produces marine fish species as European sea bass, Gilthead seabream and Yellowtail kingfish. In four independent production lines up to 800  tons of fish are produced per year.

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Foerde Garnelen

The company Foerde Garnelen is based in the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein and is producing marine Prawns of the species White Leg (Litopenaeus vannamei). The production takes place in an oceanloop system which is operated with natural sea water from the Baltic Sea. Waste heat from a nearby sewage facility is used to heat up the water to tropical 28°C. The sludge and waste water from the farm is treated by the sewage plant in order to produce new energy and heat from the sewage. Due to the established nutrient and energy recycling the production is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Actually the annually production is around 6-9 tons per year.

The prawns can be ordered via online shop