Prawn farming

DBU Projekt AZ 24235: Post-larvae production under biosecure conditions for a sustainable aquaculture of prawns

In the last view decades the aquaculture of tropical prawns (Giant tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon) has developed into an important industry in many Asian countries. This kind of aquaculture uses large coastal areas for farming. Actually, the industry is facing the problem, that there is a supply bottleneck of pathogen free post-larvae to stock the farms. This bottleneck limits an expansion of production. 

Based on our experiences in marine aquaculture this project developed a technology to farm a parental stock of the Giant tiger prawn in bio-secure systems in Germany. The technical and biological feasibility has been proven.

The long-term goal is a sustainable artificial reproduction and controlled post-larvae production of P. monodon for Asian aquaculture.

The project was supported by the Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt. DBU press release from 31.07.2008.