Controlled production

The oceanloop is isolated from the environment and is optimally adjusted to the needs of produced fish species. The year-round controlled conditions lead to a standardized product quality. Regular stocking intervals ensure the product availability on a permanent basis. Continue

Consumer proximity

The oceanloop will set new benchmarks, particularly with regard to consumer protection. The fish is only taken from the production on demand. Packed in ice, the fish reaches the customers with one-of-a-kind freshness. In doing so, the market value, the product safety and the shelf life at the customer are increasing. Continue


The oceanloop optimizes the use of natural resources, such as land, water, electricity or food. All year round constant and controlled living conditions for the farmed species increase productivity to ensure the profitability of this technology. Continue


The oceanloop offers the highest-possible flexibility to react quickly on market changes or customer requests. The concept of flexible basin segmentation by moveable net walls enables modification of the aspired market size at short notice, as well as a change to new species. Continue